Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sarah and Chris

Sarah and Chris were married April 14th. They came in from Chicago
to marry at Marple Presbyterian.
Sarah incorporated a lot of things to honor family. Classic cars, writing on the cake, Love Me Tender... I know there's more. It was all about everybody. And then Sarah's mom (and probably some others...) called ahead for milkshakes at Thunderbird. That's love.
After driving through the back roads of Philly (I was in the 1934 Plymouth for a little while) we stopped at the Art Museum. It's probably the only place in the city where one can parallel park 7 cars at once!
Reception at the Racquet Club with Jeffery Miller Catering. Always beautiful.
Also at the wedding, on the sweetheart table... a Virginia Tech stuffed turkey. A Hokie. Very timely.
This wedding... very fun. I'd love to read some of the things that were put into the card jar. I'm sure there's a lot of love. The weather held out. Everything came together. It was a pleasure to be a part of it!


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