Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Boudoir info

I've had a lot of requests lately. Thank you to J, A, K, and K... you know who you are.
Here's some information for those who are looking.

Typically, 1-2, possibly 3 hours. It sounds like a long time. But it allows for changing outfits and finding your inner sex goddess. This takes some people longer than others. And I understand!

Either at your home or we find a bed and breakfast and split the price. Most of the ones in Philly are $150 for the day.

I charge $350 for the session. Albums and prints are a la carte. The images are put online in a password protected gallery. A 6x6 album with 30 pages /30 images is $300. This is a nice sized album for most men to have. I also offer other sizes. About 70-100 images make the edit, depending on outfits etc.

Boudoir is more about the eyes and the attitude than the outfit. I strive to help my clients feel comfortable, not rushed, and never cheap or cheesy. I just had a spam email about a seminar on boudoir. Honestly, the images looked uncomfortable, had no personality, and looked like the women were objects. I get the impression from most men that a smart confident woman with the ability to knock their socks off does more for their ego. Boudoir should be a celebration of who you are. And the images should bring a fellow to his knees.

If you'd like to meet or schedule a session, feel free to contact me. I typically meet clients at a Starbucks in King of Pussia, depending on where they are. I also understand that these sessions are usually surprises, and I'm fine with being discreet. It's amusing how many women sneak around to meet with me, a happily married soccer mom.

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