Monday, February 25, 2008

More Studio News

Some images of the space and yes, I used a lot of fisheye. I wanted to "explore the space".

We put a call in today to Identity Kitchen to revamp the logo. Ellen is so nice. She "gets" me.

And then the call to Mad Maude. We'll be putting together some things with them for local charity auctions and the like. I love letterpress. It's not just for wedding invitations! It's so good to hold.

Once the logo is redone and ready, SignEffects will be brought on board.



Anonymous Shalista said...

Ok, you know that I am totally and incredibly jealous. I have a good space, but this is just fantastic. I can see all the potential. I cannot wait to see it done.

You are so gonna rock this. It's going to be great. Cyber Hugs and Congratulations!!!

9:26 PM  

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