Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Natalie and Michael

What an honor to participate in such a day!
It's wonderful to hear a father so proud about how much the groom loves his daughter.
This was a couple that had fantastic readings, wonderful expression, included everyone they loved, and everyone loved them back. I was emotional, and then emotional again while editing. It was that good.

I was thrilled to see past clients there! Terri and Mike. Oh how I loved their wedding, too. Natalie is Mike's cousin.

Some random highlights...
Michael's mother knows Everyone.
Herbs and flowers.
Something about Key Lime Pie from Joe's.
First dance recorded by a friend.
Processional performed by a friend who wrote it.
Flower girl meets a lobster.
Rosemary caught on fire.

Wedding and reception at Ruth's Chris.
Music done really really well by Expressway.

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Nice pics!

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