Friday, August 14, 2009

Adelaide and Tim

When you're driving up to the house, it's stunning. The driveway is long and peaceful. The house is welcoming.The whole event was warm and genuine and full of laughter. Adelaide and Tim have a lot of people who helped make this wedding feel blessed.
To see more photos that are not on the blog, click here.

When I arrived, the guests and the bride and groom were enjoying the lawn games and surrounding countryside. No stress, no rush. Then later, they walked down the aisle together to say their vows. Friends and family members had prepared meaningful things to say about Adelaide and Tim. In Pennsylvania Quaker weddings do not need an officiant and the couple can marry themselves. It's beautiful.

Adelaide is easy to be around. Tim is praised by all who know him. Together, they can do so much to make the lives of others better. Even the children were wonderful. And the 3 dogs, who got along. It really was like a Peaceable Kingdom.

Some of my favorite things:


Marriage document & invites:

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Blogger Amy Persichetti said...

This is my favorite wedding you've ever done!

5:00 PM  

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