Friday, May 11, 2007

Rebecca and Jimmy

May 5th 2007. Beautiful!
Rebecca put a lot of love into this day.
Details details. But not the kind that make everyone crazy.
Stunning flowers. Jimmy's dad has a Model A... I could get used to the historical cars!
Lot's of lavender. Fun band. And cookies. I did sneak one. I should get permission to post the recipe. Or maybe I should just get the recipe and make some.

Jimmy and Rebecca are good together. They look at each other. Their families are welcoming and joyful. Lots of expressions to capture in camera. The priest, her mom's cousin, even mentioned how hospitality was so important in both families... for sure.
To see more photos, they're here!

St Matthew's Episcopal in Pennington NJ
Washington Crossing Inn, PA
Debra Michaels Project - the band
Dress from the Wedding Shop in Wayne.


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