Thursday, March 06, 2008

Us, as wedding guests

My dear friend got married.
I can't even begin to express how wonderful this is.

This was The First Time Ever that I have been to a wedding where the congregation, as the groom entered the room, burst into jolly applause. Like a stadium. Never before. That's how good this is.

My husband and I and daughter #4 were guests. Our youngest has grown up with my friend's oldest, and they're like cousins. They had a ball taking oranges from the bar. It seems that grown up cocktail fare was not their thing. So they improvised.

There'll be another post for the wedding.

Trusting your gear to a 7 year old.
Gaga and Msemmy...

Photo of me and Amy, by the groom...
In the last hour or so, I gave a camera to the 7-year-old. She was a hoot.
Here's photos of us, by the kid.

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