Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maire and Joe

April 19th at Old St Joe's and the Curtis Center with Cescaphe.

Maire and Joe had a lot of things happen on the way to this wedding. A lesser group of people may have fallen apart because of it all. But they already had priorities straight and all that was good aligned correctly. The day was amazing. No matter what stress you think you have leading up to your wedding, I guarantee that it's nothing like theirs.

The reception was going to be at Colleens on the Parkway. The lease was gone 2 months before the wedding. Cescaphe picked up the Curtis Center. It was over the top. If you're photographing at the Curtis Center, my advice is to get great shoes. The stone floor after several hours is not comfortable. Thank goodness for gel inserts. I would not have wanted to miss the last dance, or any of the ones in between!

None of the bridesmaids had the same dress. I love it when this happens. Not even the same fabric. Viva variety!
Irish accents, yellow tulips, serenades, and champagne. This is one of my all time favorite groups of people now that I have met them.

Fantastic Day.
Music by Schaeffer Sound.
Sheraton Society Hill.

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Blogger ntacsback said...

jen, your pics look awesome. and congrats to yos and maire! the wedding was wonderful too.

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