Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jen and Nick

June 21 (i need to blog more often) at the Savage Mill in Maryland. Best.Crabcake.Ever.

Some details...
I met Jen at her sister's wedding and have never forgotten her speech with visuals.
I have never seen her with her hair down, because I've only ever seen her at weddings.
Nick has a family that is beyond fun.
The word Marianic came up a lot.
Ice Cream Sundaes.
Homegrown spider plants.
Some great suits.
Jen's family comes up with the best poems that make everyone laugh at the bride's expense and delight.
This was such a good day. I looked forward to seeing this family again and all their charm and laughter. And really fun aunts.
Beautiful wedding. It was absolutely their own day and showed their fantastic personalities and how much everyone means to them.

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