Friday, October 24, 2008

Studio News

To those of you who have written me, asking why I've not blogged... sorry!~ I didn't realize I was so entertaining! I'll start up again. Facebook has taken my attention. I promise to start adding images from sessions here again!

In the meantime. I'm very excited. All portrait items will now be delivered in, or with (if the image is too big) a reusable bag from ECOBAGS®. This makes me so happy. If you've ever seen me in the grocery store shopping for our family of 6, you'd know that I always have 20 canvas bags with me. I've also gotten bags for fruits and veggies and bagels, no more plastic. As for the cat food bags that are plastic, I've sewn them into totes as well.

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Anonymous Amy P said...

THANK GOODNESS!!!! I was going through Jen Blog withdraw!

2:15 PM  

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