Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noreen and Walter (+ Clancy)

(Bells of Ireland)

The day After the Phillies parade. Thank heavens!

Getting married at the Philopatrian is like having a wedding at your wealthy relative's house. It's cozy and elegant and you start to feel like your family belongs there.

Noreen and Walter are good to everyone. The day wasn't theirs, it was everybody's. They appreciate each other, their family, their friends. And good wine, food, places, and details. Their friends made me feel like I was welcome. All the kids were above average and funny. Clancy is the dog that makes other people think they should get a dog. He's so sweet, frisky but mindful, and loves Noreen. We went to the park. He was delightful.

Wonderful day. So many people were so happy about this wedding. The world is a better place when couples like this one meet.

Table names... postcards of Central Park.
Desert, cake, and then Naked Chocolate.
Music by Scott Entertainment, always good to see him. I know it will be good when certain vendors are around. This is one of them!
Catered by J Scott Catering, no relation. At least I don't think so...
Flowers by Kati Mac

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