Thursday, October 08, 2009

SNAP, and some rules

Thank you to all the participants in the SNAP fund raiser! Together, we raised more than we projected!

Some rules. Don't worry, I'm pretty laid back...
1) I do have some weekends available for families who have members who are out of town all week. But not lots of weekends. Because that's when weddings happen!

2) If someone is sick, let's reschedule.

3) The studio is at 17 N 4th Ave, Royersford. That's not really a rule. But it's helpful.

4) You will choose your images at the same appointment as the photo session.

5) I will have hours available for picking up your order.

6) There will be special packages available for SNAP clients. And there's some coupons in the local paper if you look.

7) No scanning. I'm crazy about copyright. No one wants to work for free.

8) Wardrobe. If you can coordinate a room, you can coordinate what your family wears. When you contact me, I'll have pointers. No bold prints, etc. Sleeves and no shorts... flesh is distracting, unless it's your face.

9) Be considerate of your appointment time. We have a lot of people to accommodate!

10) If the kids are little and it's not going to happen, reschedule.

11) Seriously, let's have fun. Come rested and feed the kids. Don't rush.

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