Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Leslie & Michael

September 3rd at the Smithville Inn, NJ.
Leslie has been on stages professionally. But on Sunday, every emotion was very real. I loved watching all her expressions. Michael is the quiet one. If I had to give an example of how a couple balances each other, this is a good one.

The Smithville Inn has some great light. It kept changing, a treat! The ceremony, group photos, then twilight... and a full moon.
Then I decided to embrace the DJ lights at the reception and not fight them. Let there be red. and green, and blue, and yellow. Sometimes it's more fun than even lighting.

A note about the wonderful people of Smithville. If you leave the bouquet in the limo, and he won't bring it back, Tony from the Inn will go to the florist and get you a new one faster than you thought possible. And Joy, she's on the ball more than most.

I loved so many things about this wedding. But especially the way these two made a large scale event very personal and brought it all together.


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