Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jamie and Matt

June 30th at the Conestoga Mennonite Church and Shady Maple

What a gorgeous day! Perfect weather, the fish live! and wonderful guests and family.
We stopped off at a covered bridge at Poole Forge.
It was good to have Jamie and Matt there for a while... I encourage some alone time because once you get to the reception, everyone else wants to talk to you. It's good to take time at a park. Anywhere, really!

I didn't know you could have a reception at Shady Maple. It was over the top. No one left hungry. And if they did, it was their own fault.

Heartfelt genuine ceremony. A preacher who really knows this couple. A crowd who loves you. Lots of kids to dance with. Bold color. A great start for a deserving couple. Congratulations!

All of the photos are here!



Blogger Colin A Foley said...

Your photographs are wonderful, as always.

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