Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kristine and Jeremy

August 11th at the Aldie Mansion
Quite possibly the only day this August that was perfect for a wedding. And even if it had been hot, Kristine had the sense to have the ceremony at 6:30 and to do all the formals first.
This is a fun crowd. They work hard, they play hard, and they keep it fun.
Kristine's neighbors came out of the pool when the door opened and she started toward the limo. Everyone loves her. Jeremy finally got to be in the Ursinus photo, instead of being the guy holding everyone's camera.
Gorgeous flowers, place cards in grass (I loved this), a slide show with a lot of great photos... everything came together in the best of ways.

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Blogger Charo Donohue Photography said...

What a pretty wedding! I love the placecards in grass thing, and the location just looks so ...well, *pretty*!

My only August wedding this year, it was 104 degrees outside and the A/C broke in the reception venue.

8:46 AM  

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