Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cindy & Jeff

A perfect sunny day. This is the weather you hope for.
After church we went to a local park. All you really need is an acre or so. Cindy and Jeff have wonderful friends and I think they might actually have enjoyed this.

Now, I thought Philly had a great crowd for yelling good wishes to ladies in wedding dresses. But New Hope was just as enthusiastic. One driver on the bridge stopped and gave Cindy a nickel.

Occasions in New Hope has a dance floor, court yard, and a large bar area. Guests easily went between spaces for hanging out or dancing. It's a comfortable space. There was always something going on. Even the kids had fun.

There was a real warmth to this event. Family, extended family, friends that are like family. A lot of love to spread around. and wedding M&Ms. Lots of them, too.


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