Monday, October 16, 2006

Melissa and Mike

October 7th at the Springfield CC.
Melissa and her dad are too funny together. He got the mail and joked that it must be more bills for her wedding. He laughed and danced all day.

Ceremony at St Agnes in West Chester. Beautiful. I enjoy watching couples talk to each other during communion. They hadn't seen each other all day. They had mics for video, but I won't tell what they were talking about.

Ridley Park on Rt 3 ... I wish we could have stayed longer! There's so many spaces to explore. Gorgeous trees, stone, water, paths...

Quaker City String Band
This was a fun surprise.

Then Melissa sang with the Groovefish.
I have photos. I can't say I was surprised by her stage presence. She was great!

This was a fun fun bridal party. More like an entourage. I'd photograph this group again, gladly. If you're going to have 22 people, they should be like this group.


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