Monday, January 08, 2007

Operation Bedding at the World Cafe

My beautiful friend, Mary, lost her son in Iraq around last Mother's Day. Prior to his death, he told her how they didn't have sheets to sleep on. Since Iraq is a desert, there's not a priority on laundry. So sheets get thrown out when they're beyond dirty. Mary vowed to get sheets to his platoon. Her last shipping charge was ~$1300 for the 40 guys.

Kudos to Delaware Rag , Patrick's Head, and Downtown Harvest for helping out. They put on a benefit concert last night at The World Cafe. Mary's nephew plays in the Delaware Rag. I know all this goodness will come back to them. The music was a treat. Really really good. Foot stompin' good. and then we had to go home and I really didn't want to.

To donate to the cause:
Adam Conboy Memorial Fund


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