Monday, September 03, 2007

8 things

My friend Hassel Weems (yes, Hassel is his real name) sent me an email a few days ago. It said:

" I'm tagging you. I know you don't have time, but I don't care.
About two weeks ago a photographer friend of mine started it all by tagging some
photographer friends and challenging them to post "8 things you might
not know about me" on their blog and then tag other friends to do the
same. "

My life isn't all that terribly exciting. And some things that I could say would sound terribly elitist. But what the heck.

1. I've never had my nails done. Ever. Not even for my own wedding.

2. I graduated from nursing school and have an RN. I don't keep my license current. I went there after art school to make other people happy. Nursing school was super easy, I never even studied for the state boards.

3. I love working with the Secret Service. Their total intensity and scary levels of stress are the opposite of my human valium personality. I have a collection of the little pins they give me to wear so that I can take pictures on their side of the rope line.

4. We went piranha fishing in the Amazon. Let me tell you, you can dangle a chicken neck on a line into piranha infested waters, and nothing happens. And when the little kid who's with you falls into said waters, there's no reason to panic. Those fish have tall tales stuck to them. But when one finally bites and you pull it in, it's fun. And they taste pretty good. Although they're bony.

5. I've pushed ice sculptures into the Panama Canal at midnight.

6. I'm a soccer mom who rings cowbells and sponsors her daughters' teams.

7. I used to babysit for National Geographic photographers.

8. My first SLR was a Canon that we bought in Hong Kong, I was 13. I took it all over China, wishing it had manual controls. I love being able to tell the camera what to do. I'm glad I had it, but it left me hungry. Later, I would save my babysitting money and get the AE-1. Strangely, and I don't remember how this happened, I turned to Nikon and got the FM2, which is sitting on my desk with film in it. Because secretly, I love film. But not for work.



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