Friday, September 28, 2007

Nicole and Mike

September 21 at the Downtown Marriott in Philly.

The perfect day! and the cops came. But only because Mike's one of Philly's finest and officers were coming to say hello after their shift.

I had a second shooter at Nicole's request. Since it was a Friday wedding and there were traffic concerns, Erik Matey came early to shoot formals of the guys. His images in the online proofing have and 'e' in the file name.

Nicole's gown was stunning. Elegant, vintage look. Each bridesmaid had a monogram in their bouquet. The cake was tempting, I wanted to snitch, but resisted. The ceremony was touching and Nicole's blue eyes gave away all her emotions. The room at the reception was screaming for a fish-eye. And the Marriott took great care of me and the other vendors... thank you!

Synergetic Sounds made for a great party. Guests went between the dance floor and the balcony with the great view throughout the evening. The moon was almost full and the view was fantastic.

The rest can be viewed here.

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