Saturday, October 27, 2007

Michelle and Patrick

October 6th at Auletto's.

I can't believe that an autumn wedding would be so warm. Michelle had the forethought to have sleeves... and didn't need them. But it was a beautiful sunny day!

I was greeted by Michelle's charming nephew. Then was charmed by the whole family.
Michelle remembered her parents by having their photos in a locket in her bouquet. We took photos outside the family home, now that it's going up for sale. Patrick's father's photo graced the table with the photo of Michelle's parents and brother. It's so good to see two people who are there for each other through events. And the day was happy and light, not sad.

And their priest. Great guy. Kept the ceremony relevant, yet funny as anything. There was a lot of giggles and "i can't believe he said that". I like this guy. Auletto's has his name. I need to get it.

There was an obvious absence of some sort of spoon that I had heard of. But I think Michelle appreciated it.

Gorgeous flowers. Lots of wine. Solid DJ. And a chocolate fountain. This day was a lot of fun for everyone. Young crowd that had a good time. And grandma... who was really something.

Martin's Video was a welcome addition. We share and they don't get in my way. I probably get in their's...

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