Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sabine and Inacio

September 22

What a gorgeous day! St Joe's in Demarest and then onto the Marriott in Glenpointe.
Sabine was absolutely stunning. Their priest was welcoming and kept it real. The bridal party co-operated even in some humidity. The Jets were in the hotel and got up so we could use the lobby for photos.

There were lots of fun kids at the wedding. Babies, toddlers, school age... all the way up to the kids who were too old to sit with their parents. They got to sit at the 'cool table'.

Sabine and Inacio love to travel, have great friends, and wonderful family. Sabine and her dad waltzed and it was just charming. And flowers... all day and all night the lilies were fragrant. This was a great group to work with. Lots of fun, lots of good wishes!

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