Thursday, March 06, 2008

Art and Amy!

At the Kimberton Inn
With incredible music by Kim Alexander at No Macarena
who everyone agreed was the best DJ ever. And she gave me chocolate. I love Kim.

This wedding is not on my recent events page. Let's face it, it's my dearest and oldest friend's wedding. I was bound to act like a guest. And so these photos stay behind a password. Lord knows I'd never drink at a hired wedding. But I was forced to put my camera down at this one. And it was good.

Amy's dad spoke Just Long Enough.
Jamie and Laura could have spoke longer.

Random men. Actually, I'm married to one of them.
Cake was excellent (yay for neighbors that bake!)
and the cake cutting was adorable.

Amy's dad is a favorite person. The photo of him wearing the "crown"... fits. On so many levels. It's good to be king.

Joanne read this poem.
*(warning, if you're at work, it includes the F word)
And Art's niece read from the Prophet.

Because we love the idea of this:
Tulips. Perfect.

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