Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jackie and Jordan

"You are SO bound, baby"

Jordan was a gentleman, with protest from Jackie's brother:

Mother-Daughter moment

November 22nd at the Sofitel.

I've adored Jackie's family for years now. They're some of the nicest people to spend 12 hours with! I'm so happy that Jackie married a family that's as fantastic as she is. And thank heavens that her mom is one of the best make-up artists around. When you shed tears of joy as easy as Jackie, you need to know that your make-up will last. And it did!

I asked Jackie's mom how one begins to explain a room design like theirs to a florist. She simply stated "Jordan's family has impeccable taste".

When guests are dancing, really dancing, even before the bridal party are announced, you know it's going to be quite a night. The music was over the top. But I knew it would be.

Everything was beautiful. Jackie is a fantastic bride. Jordan had lots of fun. My job was easy. They were surrounded, literally, by 200+ people who love them. I didn't even care what time it was. And then it was midnight.

During the toasts, the fire alarm went off. Dreamtime's leader handled it perfectly. She made sure that there was no need to go anywhere but held the music until we knew. Professional the whole time.

More info when I have it:
Music: Dreamtime
Make-up: Carolyn Diamond
Breakfast bags to go: Miel

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