Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kristine and Andrew

I could add more photos, but I'll stop.
Kristine and Andrew October 13th, Downtown Marriott.
Andrew's dad performed the ceremony. Kristine's dad played piano while Andrew's mom sang the Lord's Prayer. It's like the parents wanted them to get married or something.

There was an itinerary. And it included Rocky. And Star Wars. And some funny sister/brother dance that was a hoot. No Macarena did the fabulous DJ thing in her fantastic outfit.
Then the Macedonian Cake Dance. But first, the Dance with Alcohol, Money, and Lamb. That's not what it's called. But that's what it was. And it was fun!

The blessing was sung by Kristine's father's choir. Beautiful.
Glass angel favors. Gerber Daisies. Roses given to family who had lost a loved one. Andrew's dad and all the people he had married. Kristine's mom and the Big Man (I know your name)

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