Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jen + Jason

The favors... how appropriate!
Kate Spade...

Fruit + sugar... so good.

I swear this was spontaneous. I did NOT tell them to strike a pose. Seriously. They were that fun. Jen was in the receiving line. I was just roaming about.

Lipstick on the dress. Enter stellar bridesmaids with talc. Now I know why wedding planners carry chalk.
The flowers were intoxicating.

December 5th Skippack and William Penn in Gwynedd.

It.Was.So.Cold. But worth it!

Jen should not play poker unless it's online. She has no poker face. You always know what she's feeling. She's delightfully expressive and makes for a lot of fun with a camera.

The Flowers were unexpected. The combination of texture and colors... I wanted to keep looking at them. Jen denied having anything to do with them. The reception location did them. She couldn't be bothered with worrying about floral design. They did a great job. It looked like she had described a complicated list of what she wanted.

Bridesmaids wore blue and I can honestly say that I loved their dresses. The bridesmaids were a laugh a minute. And very handy with stains on the white dress. They were wonderful.

Both families are warm and welcoming. No drama, no fuss. This day went so smoothly. Jen and Jason are so easy to be around. The party kept going until midnight and could easily have continued [and probably did].

Music by Schaeffer Sound.



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