Friday, December 19, 2008

Leslie and David

In case you're wondering, Mummer's music makes people do this...

I'm not really sure what the exchange was that was going on here, but I like the implied conversation.
You know it's fun when everyone's fighting over dancing with grandmom.

Soon after, there was icing on the flower girl's nose.

St Dorothy's and The Old Mill
December 13th

I could say lots about this wedding. It was fun, genuine, and full of great times...

Perfect sunny day. Cheeriest kitchen, sweetest flower girl, and lots of color.
Leslie is my favorite kind of bride. Happy, ready without stress, smiling and smiling and knowing that there's nothing to worry about. I can't be around her without being happy. Apparently, no one else can either!

Beautiful church, a priest I can relate to, big crowd. This is where Leslie grew up and even the people who came to worship after the wedding were asking me how it went. Lots of blessings.

I love red in December. And winter light. And a good bagpipe player is always a treat. This was a lot of fun. Leslie knows herself and that a veil was not her thing, I love what she did with her hair. David is easy going and both families were so commingled, I kept forgetting whose brother was whose.

Funny thing when a reception venue has a stage... some guests might use it. And they used it well. And with tented areas off of the main room, there was lots of celebratory cigars, but without being cold or around anyone else. (I love the smell of cigars outside. Picnics, family, weddings...)

And Blackthorn. Makes me happy.

I also got to see a couple whose wedding I photographed a few years ago. (and you do not look like you had a baby!)

Music by Schaffer Sound, Good guy! I can never remember all their names, but it's always good.

Congratulations! I am so happy for this couple!

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