Monday, February 26, 2007

Ella and Brutus

I will now measure all dogs by these two.


g&k family

Give me a family who knows exactly who they are, and we'll have fun. No bows, no fixing hair. A real Saturday morning and a whole lot of energy.

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Clay Decor

I loved photographing these tiles. And we're not done yet! The website is still the old photos ... I can't wait for these to be up there. I didn't take the old ones.

The tile is handmade. Even the molds are hand carved. The glazes are fun and I love the metallic ones. I have to talk Anne into using metallic paper for printing them.

And to see them in person:

Mary's Birthday

One of my all time best clients (Keri and Jason, 2004) got the best birthday present for Jason's grandmother. Me!

Well actually, the best gift was that her family traveled from all over creation for her surprise party. Manufacturer's Country Club serves a wonderful Baked Alaska. I had some. It didn't take much to talk me into it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mary and Jamie

February 3rd. When I met Mary, she commented that this wedding was for everyone to get together and have fun in the middle of winter. So true. She took the guys' feelings into consideration and had us all go over to The Link. Where it was so cold. But they played some ball and kept asking me "did you get [a photo of] the touchdown?"

The Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill was elegant as always. The catering manager makes it all look so easy.

Mary and Jamie spent a lot of time seeing people they don't get to see very often. That's what these gatherings are about. Mary knows how to take other's interests to heart. I would say that she enjoys making people happy. But not at the expense of her own happiness. Oh no... Mary had a ball. I have pictures to prove it.

The A's

I adore this family... it was a treat to meet them all. Even the very sleepy ones!

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