Friday, May 23, 2014

that whole "body image" thing


Has anyone not seen a write up about body image?

Yes, let's not make our young girls feel that they need to have a thigh gap. But let's also make them be active so they don't hate shopping for jeans.

I live in two industries... photography and nursing.
From the photo point of view, I have never had an unattractive client. Everyone is beautiful. That's why I don't care what your hair looks like (have you seen mine?) or if your eye make up is too heavy or light. Don't ask me about your shade of lipstick... I have no idea or opinion. Do you like it? Ok then. Be you. But I am aware of angles and what you will think when you see your photos. So I use techniques with lighting and where I stand and how I have you sit. Not to mention wardrobe choice. And if this is a group photo and you all wear black and sit together... your bodies blend together and your faces become the important part. I get it.

But from a nursing point of view... I personally don't want the special lift, joint pain, the pharmaceuticals, the avoidable issues. I want to see everyone healthy enough so that research money can go toward something else (do we really have to research what sugar and fat does?). I want to be healthy enough to combat the things that aren't lifestyle related.

Here's my personal parameters for feeling fine about the vessel that carries my imagination around:

I can donate blood. My hemoglobin is higher than 12.5 and my blood pressure and pulse are normal.  I don't have to read the list of restricted medications because I don't take any.  And they can find my vein without calling someone over to help... this happened. It was not cool. I had a vein... somewhere...
Now my veins are easier to find.

I can fast if a situation calls for prayer and fasting ...without passing out.

I can sit in the seat of a roller coaster or the swing ride. (I love those things)

I can run up more than one flight of stairs.

My gear belt fits around my waist.

My feet don't hurt. Or my joints.

I can carry a lot of stuff.  For a long time.

I don't wake up with sheet wrinkles on my face.

I can sit 'criss-cross applesauce' on the floor.

I don't grunt when I get up.

My arm no longer falls asleep in the middle of the night when I sleep on my side.

I snore less.

I don't worry about how much weight is on the trampoline.

I can wear a pony tail holder on my wrist and it doesn't leave a deep mark.

I can have an idea for a project and my body does not keep me from doing it.

On the other hand... I still cannot wear my wedding ring. That's a goal of mine. I was told to get it expanded. Um, no. It's not like I need to fit back into the dress (size 6). Just the ring (size 7).

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