Thursday, July 31, 2008


Want to get all depressed about stuff?

Anyway. We've been all into the environment for years. In the 15 years that we've been married, we've never had trash pickup. We recycle whatever comes into the house with the exception of Q-tips and some other stuff. Cloth diapers, compost, thrift store donations. Here's where we take our stuff. Except for #7 plastics, they can't be recycled. So if it's a #7, I don't buy it. But sometimes I accidentally buy ketchup in a #7 and then I sit there and curse because I hate throwing it out. So I store it in the garage until the recycle center says they have a buyer for #7... I hate trash.

Recycling Services, Inc.
365 Elm Street Pottstown, PA 19465

Phone: (610)323-8545
Fax: (610)323-3962

Open Hours for Public Collection:
Tuesdays & Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Kristine and Jason

This scene was repeated often:

I do so love my infrared:

Peonies aren't used enough, in my opinion.

July 26th... what a day!
Kristine was a bridesmaid a few years back at a wedding that I photographed. She was memorable and so fun. I got to see the bride and groom again from that wedding, too. It was great. Although I had already seen them when their baby was born. (so cute!)

Kristine had peonies. I love peonies. And then color in all the other flowers that was just beautiful.
She's contagious to be around. You have to be happy if you're around Kristine. Her mother-in-law told me more than once that she likes her.

Jason's family. The party was extended until midnight. This is a fun bunch. No Macarena did their magic as always without being cheesy ever. Fantastic play list. As always.

Normandy Farms
Face the Occasion

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

chocolate as favors

Need favors? Don't like kitch? Here you go. Get them here:

The website is being redone and we're working on photos. Connie, the owner, is one of my favorite people. She's around the corner from my studio and a great person to go talk to when there's stuff going on in the neighborhood.

And if you need candy for weddings, showers, baby announcements... she delivers. Boxes can be personalized. Etc. It's so good.

These have peanut butter, chocolate, and a crunchy center.

Sweet, salty, and caramel...

Coffee beans come in different flavors.

These Jordan Almonds won't break your teeth. Seriously good. Even if there's no wedding around.

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Patrice and Mike


July 12th. Congratulations!

Pink champagne.
Blue blue blue
Hawaii themes... from table names, to flowers, leis, and place card name translation...!
Beautiful day. Patrice has a very fun brother who I felt like I knew by the end of the reception. Meredith Manor is so pretty, there's no need to go anywhere else for photos. Patrice's great uncle (?) is a funny priest.
Mike and Patrice have some wonderful friends and family. They were all fun to be around all night and gave the couple a great evening. There were an unusual amount of pregnant people at this wedding. Including Deanne, a bride from a few years ago... looking good!

Thank you for letting me be part of this day! It was beautiful. Brides who are teachers plan differently than most of us. You just know that Patrice's students love having her as a teacher.

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Spring-Ford Reporter

Thank you Lisa for the article!

Royersford's Capone is coming home.
Jen Capone Photography recently opened on Fourth Avenue in Royersford.
Jen Capone Photography recently opened on Fourth Avenue in Royersford.
Jen Capone is returning home to her Royersford roots after travelling throughout the East Coast.

"I was tired of traveling. I wanted to be local, to get back to my community," Capone said.
Capone purchased Dr. Dabbback's old office, located at 17 N. Fourth Ave. in February and turned it into a photography studio.
"When I looked at Dr. Dabback's building, I remembered being there with an ear infection when I was little. It's not just a property to me. It's a part of me."
Capone is in the process of slowly renovating the inside of the building as she works.
"Dr. Dabback's office is the perfect location for me. I knew this building when I bought it. It's beautiful," Capone said. "I would love for Dr. Dabback to come over to see it."
During the renovation, Capone has found a few surprises along the way.
"We found rent records stored that will be donated to the historical society," Capone said.
The majority of Capone's work is done outside of the studio. Through her Web site requests and previous clients, she travels to Manhattan, Boston, Key West, New Jersey and Philadelphia, mostly for weddings.
"I would like to be more involved in the local community," Capone said.
Capone recently won third place in the quarterly contest for the Wedding Photojournalist Association.
"It was in the Getting Ready Category for a wedding. It's an honor to be recognized for your work," Capone said.
Capone, who grew up in Royersford, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. She has been practicing photography for the last 20 years.
Capone's work can be viewed on her Web site, For an appointment or questions, please call 610-547-8250 or e-mail her at Capone shoots weddings, bar mitzvahs, family gatherings, portraits, maternity, children and senior pictures with themes.

©Montgomery Newspapers 2008

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