Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soroptomist Art Show and Sale

For years I'd go to this sale and they never allowed photography. I'd ask. They'd chuckle. This year, photography.


Center for Art and Technology, 1580 Charlestown Road Phoenixville, PA 19460
This Saturday, the 15th 10-6. Sunday 10-4.
I won't actually be there. We have 3 other places to be. Sadly. But here's some of what I'll be hanging. And thanks to
Upwyth Art
Address: 1409 State St, Pottstown, PA 19464
Phone:(610) 323-5561
for framing my stuff last minute when I was suffering from hubris, thinking I could do it myself. Sure.
It's good to know framers who don't look at you funny when you botch your own job.
(and it's less than AC Moore)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noreen and Walter (+ Clancy)

(Bells of Ireland)

The day After the Phillies parade. Thank heavens!

Getting married at the Philopatrian is like having a wedding at your wealthy relative's house. It's cozy and elegant and you start to feel like your family belongs there.

Noreen and Walter are good to everyone. The day wasn't theirs, it was everybody's. They appreciate each other, their family, their friends. And good wine, food, places, and details. Their friends made me feel like I was welcome. All the kids were above average and funny. Clancy is the dog that makes other people think they should get a dog. He's so sweet, frisky but mindful, and loves Noreen. We went to the park. He was delightful.

Wonderful day. So many people were so happy about this wedding. The world is a better place when couples like this one meet.

Table names... postcards of Central Park.
Desert, cake, and then Naked Chocolate.
Music by Scott Entertainment, always good to see him. I know it will be good when certain vendors are around. This is one of them!
Catered by J Scott Catering, no relation. At least I don't think so...
Flowers by Kati Mac

More here

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Isis! and Posh Events

Isis, the wonderful and fantastic wedding and event planner who owns Posh Events, came to the studio. We talked shop. And had chocolate. And my daughters and I had switched out the Halloween decorations to start Thanksgiving. My husband helped me with the gas furnace.

Isis is so easy to talk to. I didn't want her to leave. She's so calming.

If you don't know if you want a planner... let me tell you, I love them. Isis and I have worked together in the past, and she is fantastic. She's on her game. She's a joy to have at a wedding. I just adore her!

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Jen and Shane

Jen and Shane!
St John's Presbyterian in Devon and then the Chester Valley Golf Club.

I love fall. A lot. For wedding's it's my favorite. All my favorite colors.
Great light. Brothers who carve pumpkins with their fiances for the bride and groom, candy favors, brothers who also play the guitar for your first dance, cute nephew with kissable cheeks, leaves at the church that are as big as your head (I brought one home for my kids), and church ladies that really are nice.

Fun grandmothers, emotional fathers, moms who dance, preachers you grew up with. It's all so good. It's my favorite wedding theme!

More here!

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Kelly and Erik

Fantastic day in September. Kelly is beautiful, welcoming, and never had a moment where she wasn't enjoying the day. Her family, his family, all their friends... it was a joy to be around them all! The priest was imported from Kelly's childhood, beautiful church where she grew up, and just enough rain to walk under an umbrella.

The band. What can I say about a band that plays Beck at a wedding? Over the top fantastic.
"Music for Models" from the PA Jazz Alliance.

This wedding was a lot of fun. Kids were dancing, a nephew was passed around, lots of great color, the tree house at the park in Scranton, and some ink that I wish I could have a day photographing.

More here!

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BANG! pictures

My commercial video friend John Swarr over at BANG! pictures needed some space. I have space! And space to spare. In comes the green screen, make-up artist, props, lights, and camera. And then we broke glass. Well, they did. I had nothing to do with it.

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