Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jennifer and Craig

August 26th at the Marriot Courtyard.
Here's how you can tell that Jenn loves kids. She had a candybar, a bag of things to do for each child, a table just for kids, and the chicken dance...just for them. Although some parents did participate.

Jenn and Craig love this city. And Philly is always a fun place to be with a wedding party. Skateboarders told Craig how lucky he was. Taxi's let us cross against the green. Passersby shouted sincere congratulations. If you want to see Philly at it's finest, walk around on your wedding day.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Christine and Steven

August 9th at the Settler's Inn. I love the Arts and Crafts details of this place. It was a great place for an intimate wedding of close friends and family. And what a drive! I stopped several times on the way home to photograph the scenery.

Christine and Steven are a fun couple. The toasts brought that up more than once.
And the cake. Oh, very good.

Nicole and Brian

July 22nd was absolutely wonderful even in the rain. Cescaphe did it's usual over-the-top food. Martin's video was everywhere, this was a family affair for them. Somehow, they are never in my way but get the whole day.

Nicole was a real trooper and went out in the rain. She proved to me that it's better to get wet in front of the places you really love than it is to be dry in a place you don't connect with. I'm always happy to venture out with an umbrella and a digital camera!

and did I mention their band? Jellyroll. yeah. they're good.

Wendy and Kristian

My cousin had a wonderful wedding in Princeton August 19th. The Nassau Inn did a great job!
We were treated to kransekake on every table. What a centerpiece. My aunt learned several ways to make it and it was a hit. Kristian's aunt made up a bag for each child. Even my teenager! What a sweet woman. I told my cousin, only people who really love you would do that.

I even got to be in one of the Big Family Photos. Kristian's brother in law held my camera. I now know how everyone feels on the other side of the lens.

Congratulations! we had a most memorable time!

Jen and John

Their wedding was August 13th at the Morris Arboretum.
Getting ready at the Spa Elysium and then at the Chestnut Hill Hotel.
Kim Alexander was their DJ and as always, played great tunes.
They had a fun Kid's Table and pie. Pie is good.
This was a very social hang out party. Jenn and John have a charming way of being together and it was wonderful to photograph. And her brother picked out all the wine. He has taste!