Monday, February 11, 2013

Dancing With the Stars 2013

Ok so LAST YEAR our community dance team had different people in it.
This year we are SPONSORED by Sweet Ashley's Chocolate
because she can't dance with us
because the competition is the week before Easter... Chocolate!

Once again we are raising money for the SNAP Post Prom. I used to think it was silly. But we really do have scads more people living in the area than we used to (my graduating class in 1989 was 270, my daughter's this year is in the neighborhood of 580ish). For some reason, parents still buy alcohol for their kids for post prom. This party is put on to curb that. As well as all the other American Pie type stuff. Because even though we're more populated, we're still a SMALL TOWN!

Here's how you vote. For me. Please!
On the drop down, we are the COMMUNITY TEAM.
Any amount is fantastic!
The website also will allow you to buy tickets for the event.

This photo was taken in the mirror before practice. Then I flipped it. So you can read Brian's sign.

Karen and Brian Goodman CPA, Erin Cohen and Diane Crosten (Ambler Savings), me, Jason (Carpet Guy), Kyle Klim (Swede Family Chiropractic), Amanda Moore (Crouse Moving), Heather Attardo (Sweep Away Cleaning)


Friday, February 01, 2013


Amaryllis. But not the Suzuki tune. (anyone else's kid do the Suzuki method?)

I just realized that it's been a year since I've used the blog. I forgot my password. Had to get another one.
And we're in the middle of Dancing With the  Stars again for Spring Ford... So in late March, there should be another video here with our routine.

If you ever see me posting photos of flowers, it's because I had a few shots left on a card that needed to be downloaded and I'm about to get editing.