Saturday, July 28, 2007


My cousin had a baby. We finally got to meet him! He's well behaved and has the bluest eyes. Adorable!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Shameles Plea...

Vote for me!

Yes, I'm being totally shameless.
I was nominated. Then I just couldn't sit there and let fate take care of it. Perhaps you got the bulk email. Go ahead... press the green 'vote' button.

and then I promise that I will get the photos of my cousin's new baby downloaded and on here soon. really!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Katie and Adam

July 14th at the Towson GC in Maryland.

Katie's father walked her down the aisle and then preformed the ceremony. Everything came together with what seemed like minimal stress. We headed over to the Lock Raven for photos and saw some deer. Then to the Eagle's Nest at the GC for a spectacular view.

Katie and Adam danced a Rumba for their first dance. I quickly caught on that dance lessons are big in Adam's family. Well done all around!
Katie is one of several brides who is one of 4 daughters. I'm realizing that I typically shoot the second born's wedding. Interesting. Having 4 daughters of my own, I enjoy the interaction!

Delightful flowers by Carmen Horst out of Lancaster.
Video by Hey Cameraman out of Delaware.
The DJ was local to Towson. He was a class act...but I have to get his info when Katie and Adam get back from Hawaii!

The rest of the images are here. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jamie and Matt

June 30th at the Conestoga Mennonite Church and Shady Maple

What a gorgeous day! Perfect weather, the fish live! and wonderful guests and family.
We stopped off at a covered bridge at Poole Forge.
It was good to have Jamie and Matt there for a while... I encourage some alone time because once you get to the reception, everyone else wants to talk to you. It's good to take time at a park. Anywhere, really!

I didn't know you could have a reception at Shady Maple. It was over the top. No one left hungry. And if they did, it was their own fault.

Heartfelt genuine ceremony. A preacher who really knows this couple. A crowd who loves you. Lots of kids to dance with. Bold color. A great start for a deserving couple. Congratulations!

All of the photos are here!