Friday, November 30, 2007

The Lovely Bones

Yes. I live in Royersford/Limerick. And Peter Jackson was shooting here the past 2 days.
I was allowed on the set thanks to some wonderful people. Once I'm done editing some other events, I'll put up more pictures of filming here. I did get to see Mark Wahlberg. And his body double. And honestly, I couldn't tell them apart.
And yes. They chose RoFo because of how it looks. Like the 70's.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

T & J & kids

Quite possibly the most well behaved children I've ever photographed besides my own.

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do i? yes.
photos on the website... um. no.
email for details.


Baskets, and good things to eat

Not Necessarily Baskets

Valerie has a great thing going on. And the best dog that I've met in a long time.

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Jessica and Jeff, wedding

November 24th at the Mansion in Vorhees.

Stunning with lots of dancing. And I'm not done yet! But I can't wait to get the images online.
Rolls Royce, dancing, gorgeous flowers, dancing, really fun guests... who danced.
Check back. I'm editing!

Faith and Gideon

November 18th at Stotesbury Mansion, with Feastivities.

Everything was just wonderful. The Tiffany bunny. Gideon steaming his shirt while telling me a really great joke. Beautiful ketubah. String quartet. Gold settings on the table. Jamaican food. Fruit martinis. And a wonderful table of family pictures that was appreciated by many.
This was a wonderful couple to photograph... and I enjoyed the sincerity and charm of their wedding. Delightful. If you like the chuppah, you'll have to learn to crochet... or get in with Gideon's mom. She made it.

The rest [of the images] are here.

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Lauren and Josh

November 10th.
Church of the Resurrection.
and the Phillies Stadium.
I know it's called Citizen's now.

Beautiful day. Wonderful wedding. Worked with Rick from Martins video and it was, as always, a treat. The Phillies Fanatic (is that with a ph or an f?). Lots of wonderful people. Kids who were really well behaved. And Lauren turned a beautiful room in to a stunning backdrop. The Diamond Club is already a great space. But there was no mistaking that this was a wedding, not a game.
Cheers to this wonderful couple! They really are a joy to be around.

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i haven't downloaded the images of my own kids, whose team i sponsor. even though they won the tournament. and it was great. November 3rd was a long time ago. and the images are on cards in my 'box of cards to download'.


Jen and Ed

Jen and Ed @ the Racquet Club. October 19th.
Elegant and simple. With candy like I always got at Christmas.
I enjoy the Racquet Club and all their colorful rooms. The red room is always fun to use. And the venue is a quick walk to Broad St. Interestingly, the other week, the bride's mother said she saw me walking to Broad with a wedding. This was the one. Small world.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jess and Jeff, engaged

It rained. And then it stopped.
Usually, I'm at the art museum for less than 30 minutes while we rush to get a shot of the bridal party at the top of the steps, then back in the limo. But Saturday, I took off... no weddings, and I met up with Jessica and Jeff. We spent 90 minutes at the museum. There's so much there besides columns and skyline. It was a delight to explore the spaces with such a happy couple.
I'm so excited for their wedding This Month!

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