Thursday, October 08, 2009

SNAP, and some rules

Thank you to all the participants in the SNAP fund raiser! Together, we raised more than we projected!

Some rules. Don't worry, I'm pretty laid back...
1) I do have some weekends available for families who have members who are out of town all week. But not lots of weekends. Because that's when weddings happen!

2) If someone is sick, let's reschedule.

3) The studio is at 17 N 4th Ave, Royersford. That's not really a rule. But it's helpful.

4) You will choose your images at the same appointment as the photo session.

5) I will have hours available for picking up your order.

6) There will be special packages available for SNAP clients. And there's some coupons in the local paper if you look.

7) No scanning. I'm crazy about copyright. No one wants to work for free.

8) Wardrobe. If you can coordinate a room, you can coordinate what your family wears. When you contact me, I'll have pointers. No bold prints, etc. Sleeves and no shorts... flesh is distracting, unless it's your face.

9) Be considerate of your appointment time. We have a lot of people to accommodate!

10) If the kids are little and it's not going to happen, reschedule.

11) Seriously, let's have fun. Come rested and feed the kids. Don't rush.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Liane, an artist

My dear friend Liane, from art school.
She has her [stunning] work hanging at Susan Eley right now.
I was thrilled to go up for the day and see her, her work, and photograph the event for her.

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Isis, an event planner

How I adore this woman.
She's talented, practical, fantastic, and so organized that every bride should have her or someone like her.

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Family, birthday, gift portraits

A few portraits from several families...
A few years ago, I photographed Racheal's wedding, then their first baby. Now, their whole family for her mother who has everything, plus a growing bunch of grandchildren.
And for the second family... with a grandson being deployed, it was time to get together to wish him well.
It's a privilege to be able to take these and to make everyone's schedule work.
Especially when some of the relatives are coming from different states.
But it's worth it.

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Spring Ford Live

SNAP will be hosting Spring Ford Live on Oct 23rd for Homecoming weekend.

Here's 2 of the bands that will be featured. More to come as we get these busy teens together with their insane work/school/sports schedules...

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And some more portraits...

A few families met me on the beach this summer...

Know what's fun? Not only working with a family, but with their designer to see what images will look best, and at what size, to go on the red wall behind their grand piano. I love that their own children will be the art on their wall.

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S+V+S+S Portraits

Oh how I loved their wedding.
And their first baby.
And now their second...

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Tracey and Arian

A beautiful day at Drexelbrook...
And a very fun group!
Tracey's step-dad provided music during the ceremony and reception. So talented!
Arian's cousins were delightful and had the fun table.
Tracey proved that "wherever the bride is, that's where everyone is"... she had a wonderful crowd with her all night. The Penn State photo was huge.
A flower girl with diva potential, a ham for a ring bearer, and a rendition of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" that I hadn't seen before...
As usual, Drexelbrook provided a lovely evening. Tracey and Arian's guests provided all the action.

I can't imagine this couple having many dull moments!

Tracey and Arian each had their alma matters represented with signature drinks. One for Penn State, another for the Florida Seminoles.