Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Basic Photography Workshop

Here's a workshop for anyone who has a camera and lets the computer make all the decisions...which is fine...unless you want to learn how to over ride the computer and switch to manual.

We will discuss what all those numbers mean. How they work together. How to get the camera to capture what you see in your head (or at least get closer to it).

Open to teens and adults. Your camera has a manual mode.

We're not going over Photoshop... maybe a tiny bit. But that's another day. Let's get you to where you don't need Photoshop first.

I was going to title this "So you got a $$$$ camera for Christmas and your photos still s*ck" but then I rethought it.

THIS IS A FUNDRAISER... for what, you ask?
I had a bright idea.
For 10 years.
No one else had it. So I think it must be my baby.
An art center in Royersford.
Classes, enrichment, lectures, exhibits.
You know we could all benefit from this.
I have the beginning of a board, an EIN, a lawyer, and a fiscal sponsor (a 501c3 who will accept donations so that they are tax deductible while we are on the road to getting our own 501c3 designation).

This fundraiser will help cover initial costs of setting all that up, including insurance.
I also want a kiln.
Really badly.

Want to get involved? (Like, you know, be a treasurer or something?) Contact me...
610.547.8250 (although I am not always able to answer the phone, text works, too.)