Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recent Events, CGI Errors, and Servers, oh my!

My new website went live and I'm loving it. However...

Recent Events... the part where the online proofing goes, will be live and working as soon as we switch servers. Until then, I contain my angst by making and canning homemade salsa and editing my daughter's soccer tournament. Check back soon!

Kristine and Jeremy

August 11th at the Aldie Mansion
Quite possibly the only day this August that was perfect for a wedding. And even if it had been hot, Kristine had the sense to have the ceremony at 6:30 and to do all the formals first.
This is a fun crowd. They work hard, they play hard, and they keep it fun.
Kristine's neighbors came out of the pool when the door opened and she started toward the limo. Everyone loves her. Jeremy finally got to be in the Ursinus photo, instead of being the guy holding everyone's camera.
Gorgeous flowers, place cards in grass (I loved this), a slide show with a lot of great photos... everything came together in the best of ways.

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Absolutely the only 3-year-old I will allow to hold my gear. My old gear. But still. Except now, he's trying to figure out how to take it apart.
Three is a fun age. Especially when you have fun parents and a great yard...

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Friday, August 03, 2007

The New Website and the Recent Events

JenCapone.com went live last Friday!
However, and I'm not surprised, there were a few bugs and one big one is still getting worked out.
The Recent Events area is having a code and script kind of something going on. Once it's done, the online proofing will be, well... online.
The 2006 events will be slowly put on. But they'll be taken down at the end of 2007.

Many many thanks to Marcello and Don to putting up with my web design demands. They've been the best!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Katie and Adam Two

My website went started going live on Friday and the Recent Events part isn't cooperating yet.
Therefore Katie and Adam haven't' been able to see their photos yet. So here's some more, for them! Darn that IIS. Whatever that is.

Also, their DJ, who was a true pro.