Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dancing With The Stars, VOTE FOR US!


I am dancing with my fellow local business owners to raise money for the post prom party. Why do kids need a party? Do you remember prom? Did you watch American Pie? Multiply that by 1000 kids and you get the picture.

Spring-Ford graduates over 500 kids a year. They don't need to go to prom to come to the party. Their parents are called when they are leaving the party. It's free for all the juniors and seniors. The budget for the night (food, inflatables, decor, entertainment, prizes) is $40k. Last year this event raised $19k.

The winner of Dancing With The Stars is the team that raises the most money. If you have $5 burning a whole in your pocket, would you consider a donation? Thank you!

Here's How To VOTE:

To vote for our community business team, use the drop down and pick "Spring Ford Community Swing" Thank you!!!

And the commercial for this year... our dance group is shown at 1:04 into the video...

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