Thursday, January 24, 2008

Logan and Luke

I couldn't wait to see this baby. And also to lend my D70 to his big brother, who I just adore.
I knew their mom would look fantastic with a 1 week old. I just knew it. Plus, here's a dad who anchors every photo with these boys. I love it.

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Jeanne Petrosky

Jeanne Petrosky had an open house.

I met Jeanne ages ago. Our worlds collide now and then.
Her paper sculpture really does convey an attitude of strength. I won't try to rephrase what she's already said so well!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a house to be torn down

Ahhhh, development. But before it goes, I trespassed with the Limerick Historical Society.

More photos of the house here.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Just a few months to go!
This has been a wonderful family to get to know through senior portraits and weddings.
Thank you!


suprise for their mother

When everyone is home from college for the holidays, it's a good time to do those things that require photographing the kids who aren't usually around. This is a surprise for their mom. Bonus points to the dad who thinks of these things.

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3 Boys

Thanks for having me over! Here's 3 of the nicest boys ever.

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guitar hero

one of my absolute favoritest people



a really fun recent shoot.
now she has to keep it a secret until it's time to hand the album to her fiance... right before they go down the aisle. poor guy won't know what hit him.


New Site for Marinella Kelly

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Boudoir info

I've had a lot of requests lately. Thank you to J, A, K, and K... you know who you are.
Here's some information for those who are looking.

Typically, 1-2, possibly 3 hours. It sounds like a long time. But it allows for changing outfits and finding your inner sex goddess. This takes some people longer than others. And I understand!

Either at your home or we find a bed and breakfast and split the price. Most of the ones in Philly are $150 for the day.

I charge $350 for the session. Albums and prints are a la carte. The images are put online in a password protected gallery. A 6x6 album with 30 pages /30 images is $300. This is a nice sized album for most men to have. I also offer other sizes. About 70-100 images make the edit, depending on outfits etc.

Boudoir is more about the eyes and the attitude than the outfit. I strive to help my clients feel comfortable, not rushed, and never cheap or cheesy. I just had a spam email about a seminar on boudoir. Honestly, the images looked uncomfortable, had no personality, and looked like the women were objects. I get the impression from most men that a smart confident woman with the ability to knock their socks off does more for their ego. Boudoir should be a celebration of who you are. And the images should bring a fellow to his knees.

If you'd like to meet or schedule a session, feel free to contact me. I typically meet clients at a Starbucks in King of Pussia, depending on where they are. I also understand that these sessions are usually surprises, and I'm fine with being discreet. It's amusing how many women sneak around to meet with me, a happily married soccer mom.

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