Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feature in Real Weddings!

Real Weddings from the ISPWP

It's always fantastic to have your work highlighted!
Also highlighted... the fantastic make up of Carolyn Diamond.
Check out the write up and others about some of my photographer friends!

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Free Portrait Offer

1) Find a blood drive
2) Make appointment with me and for the donation.
3) Donate and keep your sticker. Or donor card. Or other proof of donation.
4) Bring it to the portrait session.

Donate between now and April 1, 2009. Portrait session can be between now and September 1, 2009.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Greener Photography

Greener Photography!
I'm a happy new member. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'll pick a can out of the trash to recycle it. Our family has always been that way, cloth diapers, composting, and so forth.

I will admit that my one guilty pleasure is that I still print paper proofs for my event clients. But I think I implement enough other things to offset it. And holding real photos is a treat! They really shouldn't live their lives out on a hard drive. I'm rationalizing. But I'm not apologizing. Otherwise, we're very green here. Geothermal hvac, canvas bags at the grocery, trying to be a localvore.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Valentine's Pin Up Special

These sessions will be at Carolyn's studio in Lafayette Hill, where she has lots and lots of things to wear. Make up included. Photo session. 8x10, mailed to you.

Carolyn and I have worked a few weddings together. She has a wonderful heritage of pin up artists in her family. I love it. What a fun ancestry!

Call the number on the flier to schedule. Carolyn is doing the scheduling because she'll do the make up, then send you over to me. Then we'll send you home with a glamorous face and you can explain where you've been, or make it a night out. (or a night in) If you need us to vouch for you, we will.

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