Friday, December 19, 2008

Leslie and David

In case you're wondering, Mummer's music makes people do this...

I'm not really sure what the exchange was that was going on here, but I like the implied conversation.
You know it's fun when everyone's fighting over dancing with grandmom.

Soon after, there was icing on the flower girl's nose.

St Dorothy's and The Old Mill
December 13th

I could say lots about this wedding. It was fun, genuine, and full of great times...

Perfect sunny day. Cheeriest kitchen, sweetest flower girl, and lots of color.
Leslie is my favorite kind of bride. Happy, ready without stress, smiling and smiling and knowing that there's nothing to worry about. I can't be around her without being happy. Apparently, no one else can either!

Beautiful church, a priest I can relate to, big crowd. This is where Leslie grew up and even the people who came to worship after the wedding were asking me how it went. Lots of blessings.

I love red in December. And winter light. And a good bagpipe player is always a treat. This was a lot of fun. Leslie knows herself and that a veil was not her thing, I love what she did with her hair. David is easy going and both families were so commingled, I kept forgetting whose brother was whose.

Funny thing when a reception venue has a stage... some guests might use it. And they used it well. And with tented areas off of the main room, there was lots of celebratory cigars, but without being cold or around anyone else. (I love the smell of cigars outside. Picnics, family, weddings...)

And Blackthorn. Makes me happy.

I also got to see a couple whose wedding I photographed a few years ago. (and you do not look like you had a baby!)

Music by Schaffer Sound, Good guy! I can never remember all their names, but it's always good.

Congratulations! I am so happy for this couple!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jen + Jason

The favors... how appropriate!
Kate Spade...

Fruit + sugar... so good.

I swear this was spontaneous. I did NOT tell them to strike a pose. Seriously. They were that fun. Jen was in the receiving line. I was just roaming about.

Lipstick on the dress. Enter stellar bridesmaids with talc. Now I know why wedding planners carry chalk.
The flowers were intoxicating.

December 5th Skippack and William Penn in Gwynedd.

It.Was.So.Cold. But worth it!

Jen should not play poker unless it's online. She has no poker face. You always know what she's feeling. She's delightfully expressive and makes for a lot of fun with a camera.

The Flowers were unexpected. The combination of texture and colors... I wanted to keep looking at them. Jen denied having anything to do with them. The reception location did them. She couldn't be bothered with worrying about floral design. They did a great job. It looked like she had described a complicated list of what she wanted.

Bridesmaids wore blue and I can honestly say that I loved their dresses. The bridesmaids were a laugh a minute. And very handy with stains on the white dress. They were wonderful.

Both families are warm and welcoming. No drama, no fuss. This day went so smoothly. Jen and Jason are so easy to be around. The party kept going until midnight and could easily have continued [and probably did].

Music by Schaeffer Sound.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Published in the Knot

Here's the online article. Thanks Joe for telling me it was up!

This wedding was in April. And it was over the top. The magazine is in news stands soon.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jackie and Jordan

"You are SO bound, baby"

Jordan was a gentleman, with protest from Jackie's brother:

Mother-Daughter moment

November 22nd at the Sofitel.

I've adored Jackie's family for years now. They're some of the nicest people to spend 12 hours with! I'm so happy that Jackie married a family that's as fantastic as she is. And thank heavens that her mom is one of the best make-up artists around. When you shed tears of joy as easy as Jackie, you need to know that your make-up will last. And it did!

I asked Jackie's mom how one begins to explain a room design like theirs to a florist. She simply stated "Jordan's family has impeccable taste".

When guests are dancing, really dancing, even before the bridal party are announced, you know it's going to be quite a night. The music was over the top. But I knew it would be.

Everything was beautiful. Jackie is a fantastic bride. Jordan had lots of fun. My job was easy. They were surrounded, literally, by 200+ people who love them. I didn't even care what time it was. And then it was midnight.

During the toasts, the fire alarm went off. Dreamtime's leader handled it perfectly. She made sure that there was no need to go anywhere but held the music until we knew. Professional the whole time.

More info when I have it:
Music: Dreamtime
Make-up: Carolyn Diamond
Breakfast bags to go: Miel

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Newlywed Game, casting call

Hi Jen,

I work for Embassy Row Productions (the producers of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and Power of 10). We are currently casting the newest version of The Newlywed Game for Game Show Network & we will be holding a casting call in Philadelphia. I am reaching out to you because I am looking to cast newlyweds of all ages who live in the North East. Our show will tape in Manhattan and contestants will compete for cash prizes. The show is very similar to the old format and is fun experience for Newlyweds. I was hoping you could pass along the information to newlyweds you know, I would really appreciate it ( we consider newlyweds to be be couples married within the last 2 years). Even couples getting married soon are eligible. Please contact me if you would like more info or have questions.

Couples can apply by going to WWW.EMBASSYROW.COM, click on "CASTING" once we receive their application we will contact the couples about the casting call. Couples can also email us directly at and put "Philadelphia Casting Call" in the subject.

All the best,

Gia Kornet
Associate Producer
Embassy Row Productions
Casting-The Newlywed Game
646.386.9098 office

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