Friday, September 28, 2007

Heifer International

I'm thrilled to be photographing the Bar Mitzvah of a great kid named Alex.
He has a project that I just have to share. If you've got $5 and want to help the world, click here.

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Nicole and Mike

September 21 at the Downtown Marriott in Philly.

The perfect day! and the cops came. But only because Mike's one of Philly's finest and officers were coming to say hello after their shift.

I had a second shooter at Nicole's request. Since it was a Friday wedding and there were traffic concerns, Erik Matey came early to shoot formals of the guys. His images in the online proofing have and 'e' in the file name.

Nicole's gown was stunning. Elegant, vintage look. Each bridesmaid had a monogram in their bouquet. The cake was tempting, I wanted to snitch, but resisted. The ceremony was touching and Nicole's blue eyes gave away all her emotions. The room at the reception was screaming for a fish-eye. And the Marriott took great care of me and the other vendors... thank you!

Synergetic Sounds made for a great party. Guests went between the dance floor and the balcony with the great view throughout the evening. The moon was almost full and the view was fantastic.

The rest can be viewed here.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Angela + Joe

September 15th at the Ritz Carlton. Congratulations!

I have no idea where these two are now, because the honeymoon was a surprise. But I learned that Joe has great taste and that Angela trusts him. She's type A, but she's met her match. And I'm so happy for them both.

The perfect sky, amazing flowers, loving family and friends. This is a love story that I was happy to hear. And there was more to it all the time. Obvious adoration.

Evantine... flowers and planning and wedding everything.

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Michele + Aaron

September 8th at the Hotel Fiesole in Skippack and Wellspring.
What a perfect day!
Photos of the place where Aaron proposed, horse and carriage, Michele's mom made the dress, the perfect ring bearer, wonderful communion, the last minute cake, chocolate covered pretzels, and a flower girl that was just too cute. Congratulations!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tricia and Carmello

September 2nd, Via Appia in Taylor, PA

Tricia is a wonderful, fun, and giving person. I met her the day of the wedding after speaking to her on the phone just a few weeks before. She was in another state, needed to switch photographers, and found me. I'm so glad. They did the rumba, or maybe it was the tango, as their first dance. I can't remember. All I know is that most couples [and I have no problem with this] go around in circles for the first dance. That's fine! and I get cozy photos from that. I love it. But there are a few that take dance lessons. And usually I cringe because it means that they will be trying to remember the dance instead of looking relaxed. This year, I've had some exceptions. Tricia and Carmello look like they do this dance all the time. And it was hot. Not lukewarm or so-so. It was done right.

We went to the Nay Aug Park (I need to find out what that name means...) and used the tree house, and lots of other places. This was a fun bridal party.

The DJ played guitar at dinner. The Zeta girls were a hoot. (for being an only child, Tricia has a lot of sisters). Candlelight ceremony, the dogs, lots of kids, traditions from both sides... this was a wedding about everyone having a great day.

Again, the cake pull. I like this tradition! Someone else needs to do this as well.


Amy and Dan

September 1st at King's Mills in Media.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Amy in 3 other weddings. She's always a beautiful bridesmaid. But on her wedding, it was a totally different look. It just proves that you can be really pretty all the time, but everyone is over the top spectacular for their wedding.

Although there were a lot of wonderful details at this wedding, Amy and Dan didn't make it all about themselves. Instead of favors, they made a donation to the Autism Society in honor of their nephew. He, by the way, is one of the most well behaved autistic children in a chaotic situation I've ever met.

I had never seen a cake pull at a wedding before. It's more of a southern tradition, but I was happy to see it come up here. It added more charm to an already charming wedding.

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